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Alt Saints Lab Coffee

by Alt Saints

Our Alt Saints Lab blend is a complex and full-bodied coffee with exotic chocolates, deep stone fruit and smooth nutty flavours.

Our deep bodied blend has a velvety mouth finish and is a brilliant all-rounder, performing well in a broad range of coffee styles; everything from your dark, strong black coffee to one that’s sweetened.

We love our Sydney-based coffee partners; they are a committed and responsible brand that sources beans directly from farmers around the world, paying a fair price for the inputs and ensuring that the farmers themselves operate sustainably and ethically. 

Roast: Medium

Aroma: Chocolate, Fruit, Nuts

Flavour & tones: Dark Chocolate, Stewed Red Plum together with Roasted Walnuts.

Acidity: Gentle

Finish: Balanced With A Long And Gentle Fade.

Origins:Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia) & South America (Colombia, Brazil)

About Alt Saints coffee

The process
A quality cup of coffee is more than an accumulation of beans, hot water and frothed milk, it is a labour of love; from inception to the final product, every move is as important as the next. every single step in our process is extraordinary, and we keep it that way by upholding ourselves to an exceptionally high standard.

Our coffee partners are a family-run, Australian business that prides itself on moving towards a sustainable future.

"We believe sustainability is a shared responsibility so, we deliver exceptional coffee while acting responsibly towards the planet and the people that inhabit it."

You’ve heard of farm-to-table, but have you heard of farm-to-flat-white? Coffee is more than it’s flavour profile; it comes down to its unique origin, story and personality. Our partners source beans from all over the world, forging authentic and reciprocal connections with farmers globally. They explore various regions, and ensure that each culture imparts something special into our final product.

"We source from small farms and give back to their communities. we believe coffee should be traceable."

"Our aim is to change the focus from commodity to community. people are at the centre of everything we do (and coffee, obviously). once our beans touch down in Australia, we engage with local and like-minded businesses to spread the word.

"People are integral to our journey – from our bonds with our farmers to our packaging team to our delivery drivers, to the customer at the local cafe or the eager at-home barista. everyone matters."


Protecting our planet

We’re pledging 1% of all revenue to support grassroots environmental organisations in their efforts tohelp save critically endangered animals and our shared ecosystems for now and for future generations.

Read more about our pledge.

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