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Alt Saints Lab Coffee

by Alt Saints Store

Our Alt Saints Lab blend is a complex and full-bodied coffee with exotic chocolates, deep stone fruit and smooth nutty flavours.

Our deep bodied blend has a velvety mouth finish and is a brilliant all-rounder, performing well in a broad range of coffee styles; everything from your dark, strong black coffee to one that’s sweetened.

Try your favourite plant-based milk with this one or if you have the equipment at home, it's also incredible as a cold brew.

Roast: Medium

Aroma: Chocolate, Fruit, Nuts

Flavour & tones: Dark Chocolate, Stewed Red Plum together with Roasted Walnuts.

Acidity: Gentle

Finish: Balanced With A Long And Gentle Fade.

Origins:Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia) & South America (Columbia, Brazil)

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