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Trucker hats with changeable patches

by Saint Frankie

Note: Ready for shipping early December

Our unique, custom designed trucker hats are designed to suit your daily mood. Available in 2 colours, each trucker hat comes with 5 patches.

Available in youth and adult sizes.

Cave Black

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”– Wednesday Addams

Our staple trucker hat has withstood the test of time. Daily wear for over 12 months and it still looks slick. The Cave Black trucker hat comes with 5 patches:

  1. Caquetá titi monkey
  2. Giant Panda
  3. Kakapo
  4. Salish Sea Orca
  5. Saint Frankie

Jungle Camo

"If fashion has a political significance, it is probably culturally, as a camouflage." -  Liz Goldwyn

Our very first Jungle Camo trucker hat is still being worn daily; after 15 months, it's a little battered but still looks great. The Camo version comes with these patches:

  1. Andean Cat
  2. Blue-billed Curassow
  3. Ili Pika
  4. Tapanuli Orangutan

Go on, change your spirit animal daily.

Note: Ready for shipping by early December

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