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Who we support

We warmly welcome the first organisation joining our Love the Planet initiative. If you'd like our support or are looking to get involved in our Mission: 1% commitment, please get in touch.
" I do believe in the possibility of a world where we can live in harmony with nature. But only if every one of us does our part to make that world a reality."
Jane Goodall

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA) is a truly holistic conservation organisation that is part of a global organisation with chapters in 26 countries. JGIA’s purpose is to “Inspire actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment” and this is exemplified in their logo. JGIA started with founder Dr Jane Goodall and they a flagship animal of the chimpanzee, but their projects focus on protecting the broader environment and the communities surrounding the chimp habitats. And of course, the Bilby represents and symbolises the Australian chapter.

Read more at the Jane Goodall Institute of Australia website.

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