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Hot Chocolate Mix

by Alt Saints

Here at Alt Saints Lab we spend most of our time experimenting and innovating and sometimes we simply look at a familiar item and ask ourselves, “how can we make this better?”

Alt Saints’ Hot Chocolate Powder Mix is a gorgeously rich chocolate mix that feels like the first touch of warm sunlight on your skin after stepping out of a cold winter. As with our Dark Chocolate Granola, this Hot Chocolate is laden with Utz certified cocoa and with the addition of organic tapioca flour, organic icing sugar and brown sugar, you have the perfect hot chocolate. Or mocha.

sweet, malty with a slight bittersweet finish.

Why you'll love it:
a rich, chocolate-y plant based mix that comforts your soul and lingers on your tastebuds.

Serving ideas:
spoon into a small pot with your favourite milk, or steam it into your milk frother then add it to your coffee.

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